Direct Care that puts the patient first. 


Registration fee:  $220.00

This one-time, nonrefundable fee covers a thorough records review and initial hour long assessment with Dr. Lobert to determine if we can meet your needs.


Standard Membership:  $80.00/month

The first membership fee is charged 30 days after the registration fee and every 30 days thereafter.

What's included:

In office Visits

Your initial consultation, which is included, will last one hour. Your membership fee also includes physician office visits covering various topics including, but not limited to: nutrition, exercise, mood, stress management, sleep, and more. 

Expedited referrals

If determined to be necessary, expedited referrals to other specialists will be arranged. Without pressure to refer to a specific organization, you will be referred only to specialists that provide the absolute best care in the area.


Included in your monthly membership, televisits are another way to access your physician. If you live far from the office, or have a busy schedule, televisits can provide follow-up time to discuss test results, assess response to treatment, or to further discuss recommendations

coordination of care

This includes physician-to-physician communication regarding your care, filling out forms required for your employment (ADA, activity restrictions, FMLA) when appropriate, educating family members on your condition, or whatever else may be necessary

access via email, phone, and text

Direct care practices typically care for much smaller patient panels, allowing the physician to communicate directly with patients. When appropriate, this type of communication can be another tool used to improve your experience in the practice.


Primary Care Membership: $100.00/mo

This membership tier includes all of the above services as well as typical primary care services.


Do you have already have a Direct Primary Care Doctor?

Direct Primary Care patients can be seen for a one-time consultation fee and do not require a membership. Please contact the office for further details. 

Membership Rules

Patients may discontinue membership at any time. Should a member choose to discontinue and then resume treatment, a reinstatement fee of $160.00 will apply. After two reinstatements, should a patient choose to discontinue membership, further reinstatement will not be allowed. Insurance will not be billed for any services rendered through the practice. At this time Direct Care practice fees are not eligible for out of network benefits. It appears that for now, you cannot submit membership dues for reimbursement through an HSA or FSA. There are bills in Congress currently to allow patients to use an HSA or FSA to pay for their monthly membership fees. If you choose to use your HSA or FSA card for fees, we recommend you verify this with your accountant or financial advisor.